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There may be a time in our lives when we or a loved one needs the extra support. Tender Care aims to make the transition to needing care or support as smooth as possible. We also recognise that often people would like information or resources to enable informed decisions and a better understanding.

Home Care

Home Care supports people in maintaining their independence and lifestyle in an environment they are familiar with. Our role is to work with you to understand your lifestyle and what care and support you may need and want to make a difference in the way you or your loved ones live.

If you contact us we will agree a convenient time to visit and carry out an informal assessment, then decide how you wish to proceed.

Read our latest Care Quality Commission Inspection report
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How to fund care

The care system in the UK can be difficult to understand and make sense of. In some parts of the UK Health Care and Social Care is integrated, in the Bournemouth area it is connected rather than integrated at the moment. Below are some links to provide funding information. If your care is being funded privately we can agree with you how often you are invoiced and the ways to make a payment